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Shoal Bay Home Delivered Meals

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$55 Introductory Meal Tasting Offers

Taste test our meals with our introductory meal discount offers, receive 5 of our most popular meals start from $55.00 and discover just how tasty they are.

$55 Introductory Meal Tasting Offers

TLC Home Delivery

TLC provide a home delivery service to your home, business, retirement village or Care organisation. Our caring and friendly couriers will deliver your order between approximately 8am and 5pm depending on traffic conditions. If you require assistance, our couriers are happy to help you pack your order into the freezer.

Free DeliveryYour TLC Meal Delivery is FREE

Shoal Bay

TLC delivers homestyle ready-to-eat meals and soups fortnightly to towns and cities throughout Port Stephens including Shoal Bay and surrounding suburbs. TLC offers the best available food service for seniors and busy people living on the Port Stephens near sandy beaches, green mountains and valleys of colour. We would love you to join our happy family.

Shoal Bay delivery schedule
We deliver to Shoal Bay fortnightly. Check the delivery schedule on the top of this page for the specific Shoal Bay delivery day.
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