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Seniors Discounts

Our mouth watering ready made healthier meals are delivered right to your door. Delivery is Free with any order!

Minimum order is 7 dinners from either $$Saver, regular or mixed selection. Your discount is calculated accordingly. The more you order the more you save.

Main Meals (meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian)
Premium Range
7 meals start from $87.45 ($12.49 each)
Save 8% Save 10% Save 13%
10 meals from 14 meals from 20 meals from
$121.18 $166.16 $229.86
$12.12 ea $11.87 ea $11.49 ea

$$ Saver Range $7.98 each
Save 8% Save 10% Save 13%
10 meals 14 meals 20 meals
$7.74 ea $7.58 ea $7.34 ea

Desserts, Soups & Snacks
Description Standard
Desserts $3.75 each
Soups & Others $4.28 each
Sides $5.65 each

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